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WADA Main Laminated Veneer Lumber LVL & Plywood Products

LVL Pallet Packing

WADA offers a broad range of Laminated Veneer Lumber for pallet packing, export pallet, packing crates, packing boxes, super thick and long packing grade.

LVL Bed Slats

WADA offers the best Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) bed slats, bed frame, bed base, slatted bed base, curved bed slats, and bed support slats products.

LVL Queen bed Frame

WADA offers the best Laminated veneer lumber (LVL) queen bed foundation, Queen bed Frame of birch plywood slat, bed slats, bed frame, and curved bed slats.

LVL Poplar Wood Furniture Frame

WADA offers a broad product range of Poplar Wood Furniture for LVL studs, wood wall frame, wall paneling, LVL flooring, wood keel frame, ceiling, Wainscot.

LVL Scaffolding Plank

WADA offers the cheapest Radiata Pine LVL scaffold boards for construction scaffolding, Scaffolding Plank, Construction Plywood and floor joist construction

Furniture Plywood

WADA offers cheap birch Plywood sheets for interior Plywood furniture, Plywood door panel, Plywood cabinets, Plywood interior walls, and motor-home Plywood.

Chipboard Wood for Packing Usage

WADA offers Chipboard wood blocks for packing usage mainly used for pallet foot block, packing pallet, carton pallet, solid wood pallet, and LVL Pallet tray

Finger Joints Wood

WADA offers Finger Joints Wood that can be used for boards and studs, which use as a backboard for wardrobe, Bed bottom board, and interior doors.

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Main application of LVL

Foucs on quanlity

Door core Vertrcal column Furniture Substitude solid wood

Foucs on price

Packing grade Disposable core material Scaffolding board
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