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Urgent notice! A new round of environmental policy is coming soon!

     At present,"Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding areas in the autumn and winter of 2018-2019 comprehensive air pollution control action plan" draft for soliciting opinions issued, the draft clearly requires:
The following tasks should be focused on:
      First, we must strictly implement the "three years plan of action to win the blue sky". Speed up the formulation of assessment methods, strict target assessment and accountability.
      Two, we should improve laws and regulations and standards of science and technology. We will speed up the study and formulation of regulations on the management of pollutant discharge permits, and establish an enterprise pollutant discharge permit system covering all fixed sources of pollution. Speed up the list of toxic and harmful air pollutants. A number of pollutants emission standards for key industries were formulated, and pollutant emission limits were tightened.
      Three is to strengthen the supervision of law enforcement, and further consolidate the responsibility of protecting the ecological environment. Continue to carry out the central environmental protection supervision "look back", give full play to the role of key regional air pollution prevention and control cooperation mechanism, the implementation of the "party and government responsibilities", "one post with two responsibilities", conducting pressure layer by layer. The prevention and control of atmospheric pollution in key areas should be strengthened and supervision should be strengthened, and the illegal and criminal acts of ecological environment should be severely punished according to law.
     In fact, in 2018, the real environmental storm has just begun. In 2018, a variety of environmental pollution laws and regulations were introduced intensively, but also with luck against the wind of business owners, may punish you regret not closing the door earlier. Environmental protection is more and more strict, and the scope is more and more extensive.