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The raw material of wood will go into the peak of blue stain

     In the late June and the coming of July, the period of blue stain is also coming. Wood blue stain is also known as green change, and blue stain is the most common kind of fungal discoloration in sapwood discoloration. It is the excess of moisture content, carbohydrate (starch and monosaccharide) in wood, which makes two spores of cocoa ball multiply in wood tracheids or ducts, and the chameleon invades the inner part of wood. A phenomenon that makes wood blue stain.

     After the trees were cut down, the trees were not treated in time and effectively, but the trees were placed directly on the wet soil. The wind and rain and the invasion of microbes could make the internal environment of wood chemical change, and the wood appeared light blue.

     Plain plate (white plate without anticorrosive treatment and painting) is placed in damp and ventilated environment for a long time, and there will also be blue stain symptoms.

     At present, most of them occur in Pinus massoniana, Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, Sugiki, Toona wood, maple, rubber wood and Betula alba. Blue stain bacteria grow and propagate quite quickly under suitable temperature and humidity conditions. 2~3 days can make the whole wood surface change blue. At present, the prevention of blue stain and the elimination of blue stain are the main ways to solve the problem of blue stain.