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Four development directions of wood-based panel industry under the environmental protection situation

Green environmental protection is the main concept, and inferior pollution is withdrawn from the market.

Green environmental protection has always been the main development goal of the home market, but due to various factors, the concept has not been widely applied to the home market. However, with the emphasis on environmental protection, the environmental protection direction of home building materials is getting clearer.

Do not fight price war, different styles of functional plates to create brand.

Market is inseparable from competition, but with the development of the times, the era of price war as the main competitive means has long been absent. In the new competition mode, innovation should be the main theme of development, and the new functions of wood-based panel products become the biggest highlight.

Respond positively to the call of supply side, and make the industrial structure more scientific.

With the rapid development of wood-based panel industry, plywood has always been the largest type of wood-based panel in the industry, and the proportion of other wood-based panels is relatively stable. According to the current industry development trend, the wood-based panel industry will show a more scientific layout and structure, high quality environmental protection plate will continue to increase production capacity, and pollution, poor quality plate will continue to reduce production capacity.

The wood-based panel industry is more specialized and scientific

With the development of the times, the wood-based panel industry is also facing the upgrading of technology and equipment, which is not only to cope with the environmental protection, but also to the specialization of the products.

For example, the production base is gradually separated from the existing headquarters, shifting to areas with lower production costs and higher environmental carrying capacity, and the production park is highlighted. In the wood-based panel industry, the industry is more centralized, and its layout is perfect and reasonable.