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Common formaldehyde detection methods for wood

The general methods of formaldehyde detection for plates are as follows:

1. Dryer method: E0 formaldehyde emission < 0.5mg/L, E1 formaldehyde emission < 1.5mg/L, E2 formaldehyde emission < 5.0mg/L.

2. Perforation extraction method: E0-grade formaldehyde emission <3mg/100g, E1-grade formaldehyde emission <9mg/100g, E2-grade formaldehyde emission <30mg/100g. Strictly speaking, only E1, E0 grade or above can be used for indoor use, E2 export must be marked. At present, the highest national standard is E1 grade, formaldehyde emission is higher than the above standard panel furniture, should not be purchased.