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China wood moisture content


1. China wood moisture content

Wood and its products in normal condition will have a certain amount of moisture. In China, the weight of water contained in wood and the percentage of dry wood weight are defined as wood moisture content.

Calculation formula:

W= (Gs-Ggo) / Ggo x 100%

W - absolute moisture content of wood;

Gs - wet wood weight;

Ggoo - dry material weight.

2. the importance of wood moisture content

When the wood products are made, the shape and material will not be changed. At this time, the key factors that determine the internal quality of wood products are the wood moisture content and dry stress. Manufacturing enterprises need to master the moisture content of wood products correctly. When the wood products reach the equilibrium moisture content, the wood is not easy to crack and deform at this time.

For high-quality wood products procurement departments, with the continuous growth of professional knowledge, more and more attention is paid to wood products moisture index. In the past, foreign purchasers paid much attention to this index, and many wood manufacturers who made export products and semi-finished products had a deep understanding of it.

3. dry wood, the more dry the better?

When wood is exposed to a certain environment for a long time, its moisture content tends to an equilibrium value, which is called the equilibrium moisture content EMC of the environment. When the moisture content of wood is higher than the equilibrium moisture content of the environment, wood will discharge moisture and shrink, otherwise it will absorb moisture and expand. Therefore, wood drying should be appropriate, not dry. Different regions and different uses have different requirements for wood moisture content.